SadhGuru krupa  is an amazing chance to full fill your wish with the blessings of SadhGuru , Just Fill the box with the name of  SadhGuru “Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Datta” Meaning: I perceive Lord Dattatreya as the supreme reality and the master of the whole universe.  for about 108times making wish in your mind and put it in front of sadguru for getting your wish full filled, you can write not only for you but also for any of your family members, friends and many, main purpose of SadhGuru krupa is to chant the name of SadhGuru  to get his tremendous blessings, because SadhGuru  is the only person  who can clear all you kharmas and enlighten you, he is the only person who can make know, fell and see the god.You can write any number of times u want, example make a wish and continuously do it every day for 21 days first later 56 then 108,216, go on until you u had the mantra getting chanted automatically in your mind, u will see the ultimate chanting in other form is literally making you sit in front of  SadhGuru krupa’s presence ,the moment we start sitting in  SadhGuru  presence the cycle of kharmas move faster and faster to get cleared allowing space inside you for  SadhGuru  to reside,In  gurus presence we forget ourselves, and we go to thoughtless state and one will unite with guru and the two will be one. To attain this state in our life,To make our life transform from stress to happiness and to attain the state of uniting with  SadhGuru , we have to follow five  impotent principles.Make a oath to SadhGuru  that you will follow these principles in your life and also make others to follow them and then start writing the MANTRA as many times as you can as a daily habit. (NOTE: please click on the each point to know them in detail)


Important occasions in your life such as a birthdays, anniversaries or any other day of your choice, can be an opportunity to offer its online SadhGuru krupa , and be a part of Atma Namaste healing Group endeavour to spread joy, health and well being. For more information SARVE JANA SUKHINO BHAVANTU,SADHGURU KRUPA KATAKSHA SIDDHI RASTU