Yogi Achyuta is the Divine power behind the present spiritual movement of Yoga-Vidyaa.

The movement has two components: tattva andsaadhanaa. By tattva is meant the right philosophical perception to be experienced directly. By saadhanaa is meant the practical method which takes one to the realisation of tattva.

Thus tattva implies a knowing and a seeing aspect, andsaadhanaa implies a doing aspect.

What one has to know, see and experience are praanan(the vital force) and aatman (the soul). It is the yoga-vidyaa that is to be done and practised so that we know, see and experience praanan and aatman.

Praanan and aatman are co-reals and co-eternals. Yet,Praanan is jyestha (senior), while aatman is sreshta (the superior).

Self realisation implies the actualisation of both praananand aatman. After this event and the next brahma saakshaatkaara (brahma-realisation), body becomes divine, life eternal. Paramapadavi (highest attainable state) and brahmatva (perpetually living in the divine and eternal state) shall be the ultimate goal.

Man must go from here to eternity.

Shree Achyutashrama is ready to render this divine service to mankind.

|| Aum Shaantihi ||