Academic Facilities
i) Special Classes :- Special Classes are being conducted for gifted as well as to slow learners. Their mistakes and drawbacks are identified and weekly remedial classes are held for them. Those special classes help to complete the missing links of the student’s progress.

ii) Atma Namaste Healing Care :- Every day morning and evening study hours are being conducted so that the lessons taught in the classes be understand, assimilated and drilled under the supervisions of the teachers concerned. As the process of consolidations of knowledge is done everyday. These will be no need for the children to feel tensions during examination days.

iii) Atma Namaste Healing Care Counseling :- Counseling is a part of out method of guiding the students normally some of students have different psychological disorders and need counseling. The Director and senior members of the faculty do counseling to students whenever they are in need so that the students could develop free of tension. Actually we ought to take the students in confidence as their parents do and rectify any thing wrong with the students. The counseling sorts out many problems of children concerning their academic and physical problems.

iv) Fee Concession:- We provide fee concession for the kids economically backward families.We even offer free healing camp for the kids who show excellence in education and also for the poor people who cannot even spare money for studies. we provide all the material for our kids for very less affordable price and even some cases that would be free also.
v) Faculty :- A better way of teaching, we posses a highly trained Faculty to enclave your kid future.