THE PATIENT lost the Stroke.

Mike.dowdow was referred to the Centre with paralysis of the right side of her body after Cardio Vascular Accident (Stroke). She was treated at the ........... Hospital in united kingdom , after which the paralysis of her face was healed. Her right arm and leg continued to be paralytic

THE PATIENT lost in his mind  .

Yes, Let me try to write some of my experiences.The biggest difference I felt was the big confidence in me, in my assurance of what I believe and how I see other people around me.

THE PATIENT lost hyperactive.

Shilpa was a hyperactive, aggressive and hyper-sensitive child. She was addicted to junk food and was weak physically and used to get angry and irritated easily.After two months of Atma Namaste Healing Care... on alternative days, she has become lot calmer.

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THE PATIENT lost the strength in both hands.

" In Jan 2009, I suddenly lost the strength in both hands. I was not even able to pick up a piece of paper. For 5 months, I had visited almost all the hospitals in Spore. All the tests proved normal but could not diagnose. I was in terrible pain. Then I came to know Atma Namaste Healing care. In one session only, I got my strength back!
Rimma Lillemägi

THE PATIENT lost the shoulder & upper back pain.

I used to suffer from chronic, neck, shoulder & upper back pain. Sometimes I would even get a slight numbness in my hands & fingers. I also had frequent headaches and was nicknamed “Panadol Queen’ at work as I took them frequently, almost like candy. I am so thankful to God for leadng me to Pranic  Healing. Now when I do get slight neck or shoulder pain,Atma Namaste Healing care... relieves & removes my pain.

THE PATIENT lost the Stroke.

Mike.dowdow was referred to the Centre with paralysis of the right side of her body after Cardio Vascular Accident (Stroke). She was treated at the ........... Hospital in united kingdom , after which the paralysis of her face was healed. Her right arm and leg continued to be paralytic and she was walking with the aid of a walking stick and could not hold anything with her paralytic hand.In Connie’s words, “My experience with Atma Namaste Healing care... is amazing. I have been cured of my defect in walking and my hand movement is regular. It took me about 16 sessions of Atma Namaste Healing to walk regularly.My hand movements were near normal after two sessions itself. I recommend Atma Namaste Healing care... to anyone who needs it. It has worked wonders for me.” Connie now drives a car to work.

THE PATIENT  lost the strength in heart attack.

It My Experience with Atma Namaste healing care ... story [though not much of a story] however it sure made a difference to me and also my family [though they didn't know it at the time.] I took care of my Mom after my Dad died.[I am an only child] My Mom had Alzheimer disease although I did not know it until after my Dad died. I knew something was wrong but thought it was the shock of my Mom finding him dead of a heart attack. After she was diagnosed she had progressed so fast in the disease that the doctor wouldn't allow her to come home, I had to locate a nursing home that would accept her. This was very hard as she had always pleaded with me never to put her into a nursing home. While there, they discovered that she had cancer. To say the least this was very stressful on the whole family. I got the flue for the first time in my life. It left me with a cough that wouldn't go. It was diagnosed as possible bronchitis or asthma. It was asthma. After my Mom died I was exhausted for months . The holidays came and I just didn't have the strength or will to get things done for them. I remember telling the nurse that I just wasn't going to do anything. She recommended Atma Namaste Healing care in online Facebook & google+ account then i am seen i am regular contact with Atma Namaste Healing care [which was done at the hospital] I went once a week and felt so very relaxed after each session. Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and I felt real good about it. I felt bad about myself previous to this as we had always celebrated the holidays and we really needed to continue and I needed to stop grieving. My energy came back [although the asthma hasn't gone]. Atma Namaste Healing care.. is great!!-Pills can't do it!! The body does know the difference!! I highly recommend it. If done periodically I'm sure that a lot of sickness can be avoided.
Kristina Collins

THE PATIENT  lost the depressing time in my life.

I discovered the healing effects of Atma Namaste Healing Care in 2014, when I was going through a depressing time in my life. I began working with the self healing at night and drawing the symbols on everything. I found working with Atma Namaste group  Energy deeply relaxing. Little by little practicing on myself, I felt my vibration becoming lighter.I started seeing a light at the end of dark times. And since light attracts light, more positive people and situations started flowing into my life. I truly believe it when people say Atma Namaste   Healing Care ...  changes their lives.Within a month of working with Atm Namaste healing care ..., I got out of a depression, changed careers and made lots of new friends and found a better way to cope with stress. Not to mention the healing benefits.Relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional release and stress reduction.In healing myself, I realized my path in this life was one of healing. I did not go into a career as a Atma namaste healing on Online  Practitioner, instead, I decided to dance down my path, working with dance therapy.Two years later I am still experiencing the benefits of working with Atma Namaste healing care  in a personal way.A new career, new friends and a new more positive outlook. Atma Namaste Healing care  has brought me back to my true self, to a place of joy and deep peace.
Zhalie Martin

THE PATIENT  lot of Experience in healing session .

"After the first session, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out (like I had gotten both a massage and counseling). The effect lasted for over a week. I have had two sessions since, each one is different. I am looking forward to several more visits."
Rama davi

THE PATIENT  lost the neck Pain.

"When I arrived at the Center for Online Atma Namaste healing care.. Wellness, the right side of my neck was so tight and painful that I could barely turn to look out the passenger window in my car. After Cyndy purged me of my negative energy (which is an unbelievable experience in itself), I got off the table feeling light, renewed, 70% pain free, and able to turn my neck almost completely to the right - unbelievable! I left feeling like a new woman, not only was my pain reduced immediately, the results lasted through the evening. I had more energy at 10:00pm that evening than I do when I wake up. To top it off, I awoke the next morning COMPLETELY pain free on the right side of my neck. Thank you Atm Namaste healing care... -- your passion and commitment to your amazing gift shines through in the results you deliver. My  wife  is next!"

THE PATIENT  lost the strength relax.

“I was really unhappy in my flat in Salzburg. It felt very uncomfortable in a way I still find hard to explain. I was scared and confused but after receiving Atma Namaste healing care Distance Healing from Rob, I began to feel more at ease there and able to relax more than I had before. By the time I had completed my series of Atma Namaste healing care... distance healing sessions, the flat had become my home. Now I'm happier and no longer afraid.”

THE PATIENT  lost the anxiety.

“I was nervous about my immigration hearing and asked Rob to send  in facebook and google+  Atma Namaste healing care .. to the legal papers. Although I didn't win my case, I felt Atma Namaste healing care  surround  and comfort me during the hearing. The atmosphere in the courtroom was quiet and positive and helped me cope with the anxiety I felt. Thank you Rob for your kindness. I want to continue to receive Atma Namaste healing care ...  Distance Healing sessions to help me through other events in my life.”

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