The greatest gifts we can give a child are a sense of physical and emotional well-being, a sense of comfort and bonding, the joy of being, curiosity, confidence, the ability to relate to others, and organization and problem solving skills. These are greatly influenced by the child’s early movement and touch learning experiences. Through play handling, teachers, parents and caregivers have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of skillful training available on basic skills, including proper handling and a deep understanding of developmental movement patterns. Atma Namaste healing care running based on ancient vedic tradition and sanatana dharma techniques to We facilitate children in learning to speak and read, but passively assume that their movement will develop to its full potential without any kind of understanding or direction on our part. The first year of life is crucial in the development of the child and of the adult the child will become. During this time, the infant is forming the patterns of movement, perception, and organization of information on which it  will build its relationships to itself, to others and to the world. Facilitating development during this period can greatly enhance the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. Touch and movement  are the earliest ways in which the child comes to know itself and its world. They form the base for more complex learning processes. They are the  first modalities of learning and form the foundation for bonding, relationships, perception, learning, emotional well-being, physical agility, cognitive functioning and also the general ease with which a child can grow and develop. The nervous system is developing rapidly in infancy. While this neurological development has an effect on movement, the child’s movement also affects the nervous system. Neurological organization is greatly influenced by the emergence and integration of the child’s movement patterns. Patterns that do not emerge or do not become integrated can have a serious affect on the child’s functioning. However, because the nervous system has a great deal of plasticity during this period, it is easier to facilitate optimal movement. The Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME) Program This program is a highly sophisticated and subtle approach to the observation and facilitation of normal movement patterns in infants. The approach incorporates the child’s curiosity, interest and individuality into the relationship with the educator. It is child centered and relationship centered, and child oriented rather than task oriented. It trains people to recognize early movement patterns and to interact effectively with infants in gentle, enticing ways that will have a positive effect on their growth and development. The goal in movement education with infants is to help set a foundation that supports pathways of ease, strength, agility and adaptability and to help avoid restrictive patterns of movement that inhibit the development of the full potential of the child. The approach is gentle, non-intrusive, and  enticing rather than demanding. It is direct and highly specific to the individual child. It does not force or impose, but focuses, engages, interacts, entices and seeks to engage the child’s inherent curiosity and interest. It always looks at the whole child and fully embraces each child and their parents and family. It includes and educates the family in the interactive process. This program is designed to train people to evaluate and facilitate normal development in infants using an embracing, child-centered approach. It is suited for those who are new to working with infants and those who are already working with them. We especially invite:

  • Avail this rare opportunity to carve out your dream child
  • Knowledge of garbha Upanishad intertwined with modern science
  • A transformation journey for the parents to be through expressions of the power of words – thinking, feeling and living
  • SCIENCE BEHIND COMPLETION….. the only path to a conflict free life and parenthood
  • Experience love from a space of completion…… express your power of feeling from living responsibility
  • Identify your conflicting thought patterns and handle them through a powerful technique
  • Experience positivity and your peak possibility through the practice of the tatwas or VEDIC TRUTHS
  • Enjoy the pleasurable experience of painless conscious birthing…… the perfect ambience of a welcome centre for the landing of an intelligent soul
  • Valuable inputs on conscious conception and pregnancy from eminent scientists….. what have they to say…
  • Father… the key person at the time of birthing….get a profound input from the vedic tradition
  • Mystery behind birth… birth really a birth…… a clear understanding from the ‘Aakashic readings’ the Cosmic Archives
  • The power of visualisation …. A technique to transfer knowledge to the baby in the womb
  • You are the genetic engineer of your baby before and after conception ….GENETICS AND EPIGENESIS ..a clear understanding
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