Tips for Yoga
The best time to perform yoga is in morning before breakfast, because at this time our mind is relax and calm, body movements can be performed effectively.
Develop confidence in yourself before starting yoga.
The place for yoga must be calm quite and ventilated, because in this way yoga will really work with end result calm, relax mind.
Drink a glass of Luke warm water before starting yoga.
Be particular about choosing clothes for yoga, wear loose clothes .wear cotton pants n shirts
Begin with easy pose.
Take breaks during yoga
If you perform yoga on regular bases then your diet should be balance and eat after four hours interval. Ratio composition of meal should be, grains and cereals 30%,dairy products 20%,vegetable and roots 25%,fruit and honey 20% ,nuts 5%
Avoid overeating and fasting
Your breathing should be long and deep while performing yoga
Keep your mouth close, inhale and exhale through nose.
Use yoga mat, made of comfortable material.
Do not get feeling of pain and discomfort while performing yoga, if you feel means you are not doing yoga in right manner and adjust your pose
If you are a beginner then, then start with easy postures and later on difficult steps.