DNA healing is a process to help change and heal things on your dna levels. When working with a purgement, healing, and activation you get all three results in one healing session. Our DNA Purgement Session is one that works on clearing and cleansing from your conception to your current point in life through DNA healing, cleansing, and clearing. This session includes releasing DNA, RNA, and ENA (Emotional Level of DNA) through genetic coding, patterns, and predispositions that are not aligned with the divine mind.

This healing works on all three portions for the DNA in a combined process. The DNA Healing and Activation portion of this healing process works on your DNA strands. We have not even begun to heal and activate our entire DNA and if you can only image how our lives could be if we all had this process complete and the enhanced benefits. This process will clear out the old programming and activate your DNA strands to allow an awakening process to begin.

The DNA Purgement works on all purgement of the negative makeup for these patterns, working on these issues, and facing the activation process. You get three sessions together – Purgement, Healing and Activation! This is a full and thorough workup for your DNA, RNA, and ENA coding. There are many different activations out there in the world for DNA issues, but what makes this session so unique is the combination of healing on top of these issues so that you can work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are of concern to you.
This session is a very powerful one because of the nature of the areas involved in this healing session. It is a purgement process releasing of these three areas to be realigned with your divine source code and mind. This is not a typical activation or healing session that others are offering, as this is a releasement first, healing and activation.

All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked on. If you have any questions or any general healing contact us at  support@pranichealingforall.com  ,  dnapurgement@pranichealingforall.com   You will receive an introductory email from within 24 hours of your to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!

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  3. This is NOT an automated service. We look at every email and reply to you personally. Therefore, please expect a short delay.
  4. When you request healing help, this will be given with genuine sincerity. However,  Atma Namste  Healing is complementary healing and not replacement healing. Therefore, you should continue to take all the medical help and advice offered by your doctor and hospital, in order that you stand the best chance of a recovery.
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