THE PATIENT taken more clarification.

“The staff is very informative and friendly. The nutritionist answered my many questions.”

THE  tips on caring .

  “The program has helped me make better food choices and gives me tips on caring for my baby.”
A.v. Singh

The nutritional guidance.

“The Atma Namaste Healing Care ...(infant education ) Program has helped me through many difficult times in my life.  I am truly grateful for the nutritional guidance and the advice  They are professional, compassionate, and very patient. I appreciate all they have done for me and my family.
Poppy Ruth Silver

Feedback from our patients

The Mother in me

In one of the sessions, the meditation given by Atma Namaste Healing care ... was , I could hardly understand the language, but to my surprise I could grasp what was offered. The process went on for forty minutes. When I sat closing my eyes, I could feel the motherhood completely. I could feel the movements of my baby, while Sadhguru was speaking. For about 20 minutes the movements were predominant.

My experience with the child

Every time when I record my experience, my mind is full of bliss. When days pass on with more occasions of being with my child, I feel as if we are one with reference to body and mind. It is very difficult to explain these experiences. It is beyond words.
Elizavet Kiseleva

Experience of the class

Every class in this program has given me additional energy and has rejuvenated me. When I continue my yoga practices without any lapse, I could feel the change taking place in my body. With the relaxed body and mind I could do my daily chores very well without any tension. I always had the fear of bad dreams. In one of the sessions, Atma Namste healing care  & group  talked about dreams. It cleared all my confusions and doubts. I have also changed my food habits slightly. This has refreshed my body. Here, when I was with the other expecting mothers, I felt absolutely happy. Words are not enough to thank  Atma Namste Healing Care ... for offering such an innovative program for Infant education  and make us experience the bliss.
Beau Alexander Wine

Experience of the class

My bonding with my husband improved. I already feel connected with my yet-to-be born baby. I am enjoying my pregnancy. Thank You Atma Namaste Healing Care...

Experience of the class

Me and my husband had a very good experience. Atma Namaste healing care... is an interactive and interesting program. It is very well structured. Queries from participants are handled very well and individual attention is given to each couple. Good in depth knowledge of the teachers is very helpful.
Neha Bhavsar

Experience of the class

We learnt many things new and important regarding pregnancy and delivery, which you presented in very simple and easy language, also created familiar atmosphere. All teachers are friendly and also informative in their own field.

Experience of the class

The fact that you are very clear and confident of what you talk, it is very easy to understand the concepts and information. Atma Namaste healing care... (Infant education ) is about bringing a change in your attitude, lifestyle and goal. I would strongly recommend this program.
Spela Shayala

Experience of the class

i am a doula and I knew that I wanted a doula when I gave birth, but I wasn?t sure what role she would play. Erin was an excellent choice. She followed my lead through the contractions holding my hands and going with the rhythm of my labor. When things got intense I gripped her hands more firmly and she provided steady ground for me to continue. At one point I said, ?I don?t think I can relax through these anymore,? and it was freeing for her to say, ?You may not be able to.? She was truly a birth-partner for me?I don?t know how I would have managed without her. I never anticipated that I would need an advocate at a home birth, but the end of my labor didn?t go smoothly and we were so glad we hadErin. She spoke up when she knew I was nervous and confused. My emotional wellbeing was at the forefront of everything she did. Without a doubt, we will ask Erin to attend our next birth. Thanks for being there! Ancient Vedic tradition  (Atma Namaste healing care...)
M. doula

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