The use of groups of peace-creating experts is time-tested, stemming from the Vedic tradition—the most ancient source of knowledge about consciousness and meditation.

The Vedic (VAY-dik) tradition of knowledge, based on the extensive Vedic literature, is the oldest tradition of knowledge in the world. Though it has been long preserved in India, this traditional wisdom has been almost lost in recent centuries—due in part to repeated foreign invasions. The Vedic tradition includes detailed information on a wide range of topics—from astronomy to music, architecture to health care, administration to economy. But it is all based on the knowledge of consciousness—including technologies of consciousness, and evolution to the highest state of consciousness (enlightenment).

In recent years, atma namasthe healing care has brought this ancient wisdom to light. we have gathered the varied elements of the Vedic tradition into a comprehensive and objectively
verified science of consciousness. In this Vedic science, consciousness is considered far more than a by-product of brain activity. Instead, the individual mind is described as an apparently localized fluctuation of an underlying, unbounded field of consciousness. As a wave, when it settles down, gains the status of the unbounded ocean, so the individual human mind, when it settles down to its state of least excitation (Transcendental Consciousness, the fourth state of consciousness), gains the status of the unified field—the infinite intelligence at the basis of the universe.

The predicted results include (1) individual evolution to higher states of consciousness and (2) the creation of world peace. Hundreds of scientific studies have validated these Vedic predictions.

Note: People sometimes assume that the Vedic wisdom is merely a cultural tradition, relevant only in India. However, Newton’s laws of motion are not English or Christian, nor Einstein’s theory of relativity German or Jewish. The laws of nature are true for all people in all cultures at all times. Now that central tenets of the Vedic wisdom have been verified scientifically—the unified field, Transcendental Consciousness, individual evolution, and the power of peace-creating experts—objective evidence indicates that Vedic knowledge is universally valid and useful for people from every culture, tradition and walk of life.

The rediscovery of Greek thought in the Renaissance five hundred years ago spurred the growth of modern society. On the basis of scientific research already published, the rediscovery of the Vedic knowledge of consciousness—including powerful technologies of consciousness for individual growth and world peace—promises a transformation of human civilization far more profound.