Mantras for success and progress in Job and Profession

In this competitive world, there are so many hurdles one may face when one starts a new job or business. When a business is started or a new job is taken up, there is no guarantee for the smooth sailing of the venture. There are only few fortunate people who get continuous success in their business or job. But all are not so fortunate; they undergo tremendous pressure for not getting the desired results even after putting their heart & soul, energy and finances. Sometimes competitors become rivals and try various methods ?Totkas? to harm and to stop other?s progress. These ?Totkas? do harm and bring rapid deterioration in the profession which snatches away the happiness and mental balance of his family members. Evil eyes also cast negative effect. In this situation a question arises, what should be done to run the profession smoothly without any problem? If one may use Tantra and Mantra under the guidance of experts one may achieve this goal & get the desired results.

1. If you feel someone has put constraints on the way of your profession, Perform this poojan. –
Take 250 gm or 1 – 1/4 handful of black sesame seeds and put them in 1/4 mt red cotton cloth in an auspicious day. Place an oil lamp on the heap of the sesame. A siyarsinghi should be kept in the oil lamp in such a manner that it should immersed in the oil, place a picture of lord Hanuman on it. Green cardamom, black pepper seeds & cloves should also be put. When all things are set recite this mantra as many times as possible.

Om Hunumant Veer Rakho Had Dhir
Karo Yes Km, Vyapar Bade Tantra Door Ho
Tuna Tute! Grahak Bade, Karay Sidh Hoye
Na sidh Hoye to Anjani Ki Duhai

After the recitation of Mantra and lamp gets off, make a bundle of all these and dig it in the ground. But the picture of lord Hanuman should be kept in Hanuman temple. This poojan brings the progress and success in the profession.

2-If day by day the number of customers are reducing – one must do this totka ?
On the first Sunday of Shukla Paksha take seven lemons, seven black pepper seeds, seven cloves, yellow mustard and keep all these in the dark corner of the business place. Abhijit Muhurat is the best time to perform this Totka but this should not be noticed by others (Secrecy maintained). Next day on Monday open the shop early in the morning and take away all these ingredients to a remote place and dig them into a 1 ¼ feet pit. Fill the pit and put a heavy stone over it. After that, straight away come back home without seeing behind. Wash your face and hands. You will found that gradually there is progress in your business. There is no doubt about it.

3. Recite this Mantra (10 Mala) every day, you should start take sankalp for this pooja in Ravi Pushya Yoga or swarth sidhi Yoga on Sunday.
These should be done on 4 Sundays. 10 Mala of this mantra should be recited on Sunday only-

Bhavar Teer Tu Chela Mera, Khol Dukan
Kaha Kar Mera
Uthe Jo Dandi Bike Jo Maal, Bhavar
Veer Sokhe Nahi Jaye

When recite this mantra on Sunday put 21 pieces of Urad dal in front or keep in hand. This way the dal will get Sidhi. Put this abhimantrith dal in the shop. The next day on Monday throw this dal at the place where four roads meet. . This methods works well without fail.

4. Do this mantra on Deepawali or Holi Festivals.
Recite one mala 108 times of this mantra every day. Lit one deepak of pure ghee. Recite 10 mala of this mantra and recite one mala with Aahuti of sweet Kheer. Do this pooja again in next year on Deepawali or Holi. There will be increase of your business. Perform this pooja under the guidance of some spiritual & experienced Guru. The mantra is like this –

(i) Vishnu Priya Laxmi Shiv Priya Sati
(ii) Prakat Hui Kamaksha Bhagvati
(iii) Adi Shakti Yugalmurti Mahima Apar
(iv) Dono Ki Priti Amar Jane Sansar
(v) Dohai Kamaksha Ki, Dohai Dohai
(vi) Aay Bada Vyaya Ghata Daya Kar Mai
(vii) Om Namah Vishnu Priyay om Namah Shivpriyay
(viii) Om Namah Kamakshay Hreem Hreem Phat Swaha

These mantras are very effective and boost the business.

5. Recite of shabar Mantra is also effective in this regard.
As you increase the number of this mantra, the mantra becomes more effective because the mantra gets sidhi and is able to cast its positive result. Shabar Mantra is like this.

Shree Shukle Mahashukle Kamal Dal
Niwase Shree Mahalaxmi Namo Namah
Laxmi Mai Sat Ki Sawai Ao Cheto
Karo Bhalai Bhalai Na Karo to Saat
Samudro Ki Duhai Ridhi Sidhi Rakhoge
To Nau Nath Chaurasi Sidho Guru
Gorakhnath Ki Duhai

6- Start this mantra from an auspicious day and regularly recite this mantra 108 times everyday. Ma Laxmi will be pleased and give her blessing and you will find progress in business.

Om Dakshi Bhairvay Bhoot Pret Bandh
Tantra Mantra Nigrahani Sarushatru Sangharini
Karya Sidhi Kuru Kuru Swaha !

This mantra is effective if started in swartha Sidhi Yoga or Ravi Pushpa Yoga or any other auspicious day falls in Shukla Paksha . Read this mantra (3 malas) everyday for 21 days.

While you are doing jap of this mantra put one picture of Bhairo Baba and lit a oil lamp. Make a chooran 1/4 by grinding these items Gulal, Gorochan, Kapoor Kachali and Charchabila. Keep this Chooran with you while reciting the mantra for 21 days after that throw this chooran outside your shop in all the four corners. Do this experiment for eleven days. By doing this your business will flourish.

7. The blessing of Goddess Laxmi helps to grow business.
Without her blessing you can not gain financial prosperity. To get the blessing of Goddess Laxmi Jap this mantra (10 Mala) start from an auspicious day and offer Kheer to the home. As the days progress Goddess Laxmi will be pleased and bestow her blessings. The mantra is like this –

Aao Laxmi Baitho Paas Aangan Rori
Tilak Chadau Gale Me Haar Pahanau
Vachano Ki Bandhi Aao Hamare Paas
Pahala Vachan Shree Ram Ka Duja Vachan
Brahama Ka Teeja Vachan Maha Dev
Vachan Chuke To Narak Pade, Sakal Panch
Me Paath Karu Bardaan Nahi Devo To
Mahadev Ki Shakti Ki Aan

8. One more experiment which helps in getting the success in the business.
Take a wooden Plank and spread Kumkum on it. Make Panchadashi Yantra with Pomegranate wood pencil. Lit a lamp in front of this yantra and offer sweets, akshat (Rice), Paan, and recite this mantra 1008 times.

Om Namo Chamunda Mai Aai Dhai
Mua Mara Liya Uthai Bal Rakhe
Balani Kapal Rakhe Kalika Dahini Bhuja
Narsingh Veer Bahi Hunumant Veer Rakho
Veero Ka Veer Khelta Aavta Veer Lagave
Jo Yah Ghat Pind Ki Raksha Kare
Na kare to Ulta Dev Vahi Par
Pade Chalo Mantra Iswar Vacha.

Help I got from the Vedic mantra:
Like most of you I am also not into religion on a daily basis, festivals of course because they bring great food.
I know you would be surprised that I, a techie am asking you techies to indulge in something as “vague” as a religious practice. But I swear, just try out and you won’t regret! No harm done, only benefits given.

I chanced upon this mantra for success & prosperity.

Aum Mahalakshmaye Vidmahe
Vishnupriyaye Dhimahi
Tanno Lakshmih Prachodayat
ॐ महालक्ष्मये विद्महे
विष्णुप्रियाये धीमहि
तन्नो लक्ष्मिः प्रचोदयात्

The way to chant this mantra:
1. Take a bath in the morning
2. Face North
3. Close your eyes
4. Chant for the mantra 11 times
Do this everyday from the time you get the interview call and till you actually get the result.

Speaking from my experience, the interview success formula should have following elements:

1. Well honed job skills.
2. 100% focus on interview at hand.
3. An ability to visualize & materialize the desired job.
4. Chanting of vedic mantra for success and prosperity with a concentrated and calm mind.

Overcome Obstacles and Success in Endevours
Ganapathi Moola Mantra
Aum shreem hreem kleem glaum gum ganapathaye
Vara-varadha sarva janam-mey vasamaanaya swaha

Good Health Overcome ill Health
Dhanvantri Moola Mantra
Aum namo bhagavathey vaasudevaaya
Dhanvantraiye amritha kalasa hasthaya
Sarva aamaya vinasanaya
Trai loka naathaya sree mahavishnave namaha

Wealth and Prosperity
Mahalakshmi Moola Mantra
Aum sreem hreem aim
Mahalakshmiyai kamaladharinyai simhavahinyai swaha
Kubera Moola Mantra
Aum yakshaaya kuberaaya vaisravanaaya
Dana daanya adhipathaye
Dana daanya samrithim
Me dehi daapaya swaha

Delayed Marriage

Swayambara Devi Mantra
Aum hreem yogini yogini yogeswari yoga bhayankari
Sakala sthavara jangamasya muka hridaya mama vasyam akarshaye swaha

Delayed Children / Good Progeny
Santana Gopala Krishna Mantra
Aum sreem hreem kleem glaum devakisudha govinda vaasudeva jagathpathe dehimey danayam krishna thwa-maham saranam gadhaha

Success in Love
Kaama deva Gayathri
Kama devaaya vidmahe pushpabhavaya dhemahi.
Tanno vanga prachodayaath

Education and Intelligence
Hayagreev Moola Mantra
Uthgeetha pranavoth-geetha sarva-vaageeshwara-eshwara sarva vedha-maya-sindhya sarvam bodhaya bodhaya
Saraswathi Mantra
Aum Aim Saraswathyai namah
Saraswathi Gayathri
Vaag devyai cha vidmahe bramha patniyai cha dheemahi
Thanno Vaani Prachodayaath

Good Speech
Vaak Vaadhini Moola Mantra
Aum Aim kleem sau vatha vatha vaak vaadhini swaha.

Protection from all Negative Forces
Gayathri Mantra
Aum Bhoor bhu vas suvaha
Tat savithur Varenyam
Bhargo dhevasya dhemahi
Dhi yo yona prachodayaath