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Services  helping spread the work of Healing throughout the Atma Namaste healing care .

“It is in Giving that we receive. As we sow abundantly, We reap abundantly. This is the DIVINE LAW.”

Perhaps you are already a Atma Namaste Healing Care or you have experienced first-hand the benefits of Atma Namaste Healing care and Meditation . They are fantastic tools to help alleviate the pain and suffering of humanity.

The Contribute or pledge you make today will go a long way in helping us to spread these priceless teachings through:

Spreading ancient vedic tradition and sanatana dharma techniques in new areas
Contributing to our student scholarship funds
Helping to keep the Online Study Groups with Infant education ,Sad Guru krupa,Atma Awakening,Anna dhaara& Healings

May the Good Karma of your generosity come back to you and your family many many times! So be it!

Thank You for your continued support!

Make a Difference

How can I help those in need?

Energetic and Charitable Giving


Do the Meditation on Loving Kindness*. This powerful universal meditation can be used by almost anyone desiring to contribute loving energy toward achieving Global Harmony and World Peace.

This meditation is especially good to use for regions that may be in need of food, suffering natural disasters or war, or for any area experiencing hardship. It can also be used to direct energy toward your country, city, neighborhood and even family!

It is recommended, but not necessary, that a group of at least three people gather together for meditation. This allows for more energy to pour forth to those areas in need.

“Practice Loving-Kindness to people and to other beings; Create Good Karma. Help other people and treat people fairly.” – Atma Namaste Healing Care…


Some suggestions:

Atma namasthe healing care is a volunteer driven organization committed to alleviating suffering and improving people’s lives. Inspired to practice and share the principles of loving-kindness and non-injury, service and tithing, Atma Namaste healing care vision is to provide and support programs and services that help nurture and heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being of those in need. Programs in Action . Emergency Disaster Relief throughout the World, Humanitarian Organization Support, Meditation Outreach Program and other Community Outreach Programs  to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure.

“Let us make it happen!”

“All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people with big hearts coming forth and working.

If you have big hands, we need you,

If you have a big heart, we need you.

If you have a big head, we need you,

If you have a big pocket, we need you.

All these are needed.”

– Blessings, Atma Namaste Healing Care

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Account Name : Battu.srinivas
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Bank Branch : BRP ROAD, VIJAYAWADA , Andhra Pradesh , India
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Account Name : Battu.srinivas
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