By week 10 of your pregnancy you’re about a quarter of the way through! See how time flies? Here’s what’s going on with your body and Bub this week.


Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… small lime.

That little clump of cells you created just two months ago has now developed so much that all his vital organs are present and correct. His ears, eyes and tooth buds are well into their development stages, and he’s got clearly formed fingers and toes that are even starting to produce nails!

Other notable developments include:

  • A neck has now formed
  • Spinal cord and column is starting to form
  • If you’re having a boy he will have started producing testosterone
  • Kidneys will now be developed enough to produce urine

Your physical pregnancy changes

Your baby may be well formed by now, but you still won’t be showing a bump. You’ll probably feel a littlebloated or full in the pelvic area, but it’s your middle that will be starting to gain weight – time to reach for those comfortable pants and floaty tops!

There’s still no rest as far as pregnancy symptoms are concerned:

  • Nauseais likely to continue throughout this week
  • You may notice that you have more wind than usual
  • You’re likely to experience random mood swings

Your health and fitness during pregnancy

Got a friend with a cold? Best to avoid anyone with illnesses at the moment. You’re probably still suffering a whole bunch of less-than-pleasant symptoms, which means you’ll be feeling exhausted and run down. The last thing you need is to catch a bug.

Need a few pregnancy health tips?

  • Avoid spending time with people in ill health.
  • If you can stomach eating, try to make it as healthy as possible.
  • Eat something sweet if you’re feeling dizzy – it’s probably because your blood   sugar is low.
  • Monitor your calcium intake to help your baby’s bone and tooth  development. There’s no need to     overdo it, just make sure you’re regularly consuming calcium-rich foods and drink.

Your week 10 pregnancy checklist

  • Stock up on dry and sweet snacks to combat nausea and dizzy spells
  • Don’t be ashamed to cry if you’re feeling down, buy some tissues and let go!
  • Treat yourself to the odd nap if you need to
  • Buy some new clothes – retail therapy works wonders where your mood is concerned and you’ll be far more comfortable in stretchy or floaty clothes
  • Take multivitamins– they will help with your general health if you haven’t been eating properly due to sickness