Benefits From The Meditation

Practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts daily or regularly does not only bring spiritual benefits, but it also enhances one’s physical, psychological wellbeing – therefore one’s whole life in general – greatly.
When doing this meditation painful and obstructive and diseased energies are removed,allowing the healing energies to fill one’s body, one’s life.

Clinical studies on this meditation technique have proven its beneficial effect on depression, addictions, stress related disorders and others.
The Twin Hearts Meditation has also been proven beneficial for chronic physical pain, HBP and strengthening of the immune system.

Therefore when done regularly, the energy body, the blueprint of the physical/psychological self, become strong and dynamic which enhances one’s outlook and also increases one’s effectivity and productivity in life in general.

Regularity in this meditation quickly shows an enhanced development of intuition and intelligence: When faced with a problem, one tends to have an increased ability to see directly through the problem and find the right or proper solutions.

These benefits we receive by blessing the earth with loving-kindness, therefore practising this meditation is a world service.
These blessings can also be directed to organizations, specific countries, or group of nations; as well as towards individuals who are sick or are going through hard times and to one’s own life and endeavours.
The potency of the blessings is increased many times when done by a group of people. A group of seven people meditating together is said to carry the same energy as more than one hundered individuals meditating separately. Therefore when practiced by a large number of people, the meditation helps in the healing of the earth; bringing peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity to all.
What is The Meditation On Twin Hearts?

Meditation of Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation technique, simplified and made accessible to the general public by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

It is based on the principle that some of the chakras are entry points or gateways to levels of consciousness. To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to fully activate the crown chakra. This can be done only when the heart chakra is fully activated. The Twin Hearts thus refers to the heart and crown chakras. The heart chakra is an energy centre at the front of the chest. The heart chakra is the centre for compassion, joy, affection,forgiveness, mercy, and other refined emotions. The heart chakra is a replica, or twin of the crown chakra. When you look at the heart chakra, it has twelve petals, similar to the twelve petals which form the inner core of the crown chakra. The crown chakra, is the centre of illumination, or divine love or oneness with all. It is situated on top of a person’s head. It provides energy to the brain and the glands therein. When the crown chakra is sufficiently activated, its inner core of twelve petals unfurl, open and turn upward like a golden cup, golden crown, golden lotus, or golden flower, to receive spiritual energy which is distributed to other parts of the body. When the crown chakra is highly activated, a halo is produced around the head. During meditation, the crown chakra rotates so fast it appears as a brilliant flame of light on top of one’s head.
What Happens During The Meditation On Twin Hearts?

When a person does Twin Hearts Meditation, divine energy flows down to the practitioner; making him/her a channel of Divine Light, Love and Power. Spiritual aspirants who have practiced this meditation for quite sometime may experience being enveloped by dazzling, sometimes blinding light. In addition, practitioners may experience divine ecstasy and bliss, and a feeling of oneness with all creation. This is known to be a common experience among advanced yogis and saints of all religions, and can be verified through their holy scriptures.

This blinding, brilliant, and dazzling light is known as Heaven Ki in Taoist yoga, or the pillar of light in ancient Jewish Kabbalah traditions.
To the Indian yogis and saints, they call this pillar of light, the Antakharana, or spiritual bridge of light.
The Christians refer to it as the descent of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending white dove. The white dove represents the coming down of divine energy.
The descent of the divine energy causes a temporary expansion of the practitioner’s major chakras and inner aura but when practiced daily the expansion may become permanent and it also manifests in greater healing, wellness, inner strength and tranquility.
The Meditation Procedure

WARNING: for whom the Meditation on Twin Hearts is not adviseable:
(1) children below 12 years of age; (2) those with heart disease, hypertension, glaucoma and severe kidney ailments; and (3) pregnant women – at a case to case basis.

Doing this meditation can have adverse effects on people with the above conditions. People with these conditions listed under 1 and 2 above are advised to speak to a Certified Pranic Healer for consultation and therapy before proceeding. People with the above conditions who insist on practicing the meditation do so at their own risk.

1. Cleansing Exercise. Cleanse the etheric body by doing simple physical exercises for about five to ten minutes. During the exercise, light greyish matter, or used prana, is expelled from the etheric body. Physical exercises also minimize possible pranic congestion since the Meditation generates a lot of subtle energies in the body. The basic exercises typically include:
eye rolls, neck rolls, arm rolls, hip rolls or swivels, trunk twisting, knee rolls, simple bending exercises and squating exercises in either a full or modified form. Do these various exercises in both directions. All exercises should be done in sets of twelve. Modified squats can be a set of fifty.

2. Assume a comfortable position sitting in a lotus position or on a chair with your spine erect. Take a couple of minutes to breathe deeply from the abdomen in a slow and rythmic manner allowinfg your body to relax.

3. Invoke for Divine Blessings from whomever you believe is the Divine Source, the Arch Angels, spiritual Helpers, Spiritual Teachers, Great Ones or whomever else you wish to include. The invocation is important to one’s protection, help and guidance. Without the invocation, the practice of any advanced meditational technique can be dangerous.

(A simple invocation that can be done is ‘To the Divine Supreme Being, I humbly invoke your divine guidance, divine help, divine love, divine healing energies, divine protection and illumination. In full faith, with gratitude, respect and love, so be it.)

4. Activating the heart chakra. To activate the front heart chakra touch the centre of your chest (heart area) with your finger or a few seconds. Think of a time in your life when you were filled with joy and bliss. This could have been with a friend loved one or spiritual teacher. (personally I like to think of when my children were born and I held them for the first time) Meditate for a few moments remembering these feelings.

Then concentrate on the front heart chakra and bless the whole world with this loving-kindness by raising your hands and allowing the energy to flow through your arms to your hands and to the earth. When blessing the entire earth, visualize it as a small ball in front of you, being filled with dazzling white pinkish light. The blessing should not be done mechanically. During the blessing, visualize people smiling and filled with joy, faith, hope, and peace. Visualize enemies reconciling, embracing and forgiving each other. You should also personally feel joy, happiness, and peace filling your entire being while blessing the earth. We use the beautiful Prayer of St. Francis on this part of the meditation, recite this quietly:
Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace
where there is hatred let me sow Love
where there is injury, Pardon
where there despair, Hope
where there is doubt, Faith
where there is darkness, Light
where there is sadness, Joy

4. Activating the Crown Chakra. Touch the top of your head for a few seconds. Take a moment to feel loving kindness through your crown chakra and then bless the planet earth with loving-kindness from the Crown chakra through your arms and hands. Feel the same positive energies you evoked in step 3. Visualize brilliant white light flowing from your Crown chakra through your arms and hands blessing the entire earth, reciting quietly this beautiful Prayer by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui:
From the centre of the heart of God,
let the entire Earth be blessed with loving kindness
Let the entire earth be blessed with great joy and happiness
From the centre of the heart of God,
let the entire Earth be blessed with understanding, harmony and divine peace
Let the entire earth be blessed with goodwill and the will to do good

5. Blessing with both Crown and Heart Chakras. Bless the earth simultaneously from both the Crown and Heart chakras with golden light and continue quietly:
From the centre of the heart of God,
let the entire Earth, every person, every being be blessed with divine Love and Kindness
Let the entire Earth be blessed with warmth, caring and tenderness
From the centre of the heart of God
let the entire Earth , every person, every being be blessed with inner healing
inner beauty, divine bliss and divine Oneness with All

6. Visualize a point of dazzlingly white light or a star on top of your head and simultaneously chant mentally the word AUM (Ah-omm–), or Amen (Ah-mennn–). Concentrate on the intervals or gaps (moments of silence) between the AUMs or Amens, while maintaining your concentration on the point of light. Do this for about 7 times and let go into the silence. When you are able to concentrate simultaneously on the point of light and on the intervals between the AUMs, you might feel an inner explosion of light and a feeling of divine bliss. “For behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you”, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”

7. Releasing Excess Energy. After meditation it is very important to release all excess energy by blessing the entire earth through your hands, with light, loving-kindness, peace, and prosperity for several minutes. Bless those in war-torn, famine areas. Bless the politicians with lovingkindness and wisdom. Bless your loved ones, your projects, all those in need. Continue blessing if you still feel congested thus using the excess spiritual energy positively. Too much unused spiritual energy is not beneficial for the physical body, it can cause of headaches, chest pain, emotional turmoil, etc.

8. Do a closing invocation of thanksgiving.

9. Following the meditation it is important to tap or rub the areas of the liver, spleen, and kidneys to avoid any congestive energies. Also rub your head, face, arms legs and trunk and redo the physical exercises to help expel any used or diseased energies and to help assimilate the fresh and vital energy faster. And to do the set of exercises again.

Young children
Heart problems
Unregulated High blood Pressure (severe hypertension due to kindney or liver ailments or other courses)
Pregnant women can do this meditation sparingly (stop when there is any experience of discomfort)
Pregnant women with history of miscarriage should not practise this meditation