Full Moon Meditations

Every day to group the Full group we enter into a time of tremendous opportunity. We are able to tap into

the “peak down pouring of Divine energies for that month” due to the unique spiritual potency that is available

when the Solar energy is unimpeded by the physical body of the moon. The down pouring of spiritual

energy (and potential for soul contact) is significantly increased. When we meditate together as a group,

we increase this potential many times over. This potentiated energy can be utilized for both individual and

collective healing through Blessing. We can also bless to empower our projects and goals.

Meditation translates to Group Service through Group Meditation.

We encourage you to meditate at the scheduled time so as to be united with all the people worldwide

meditating at the same time, together as one. This increases the unity of our group and also dramatically

increases the power of the meditation – within ourselves, and for blessing and healing the earth.

For people outside the Portland Metro area, please consider starting your own Full Meditation group,

or joining an on-line community for your meditation.