You’re 12 weeks pregnant and your baby bump is starting to show! It’s time to share the news of your pregnancy – and the secret to that healthy glow you’ve been sporting recently!

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… plum.
Your growing uterus is verging on becoming a little bit too big for your pelvis now, so it will start to lift upwards and outwards, creating a bump. This is good news for your bladder because the movement of your uterus temporarily relieves the pressure it’s been under, so you won’t need to visit the bathroom quite as often.

Inside your uterus, your baby’s brain will be starting to develop, and it will begin to:
· Respond to touch – if you prod your stomach he will squirm (even if you can’t see or feel him just yet).
· Reflexively curl his fingers and toes and clench his eyes.
· Practise swallowing on the amniotic fluid that protects him.
Your baby’s digestive system will also begin to contract, getting ready for dealing with food intake in the real world. More amazingly, the genitals will start to take on either male of female characteristics.
Here’s the exciting thing: it’s time for your first ultrasound! Now you can see your baby for yourself, and make the whole experience more real.
Your physical pregnancy changes

As your appetite continues to return you’ll…

· Find yourself craving food again, some of which you previously didn’t have a taste for.
· Possibly crave textures such as crunchy, smooth or gritty.
· Pick up food-borne infections more easily, so whatever you decide to nibble or feast on, be sure to watch out for your food safety.
More positive news is at hand – if you’ve been suffering teenage-type acne breakouts over the last few weeks, you’ll notice that your skin is clearing up and you’ll adopt that healthy pregnancy glow. Just sit back and wait for the compliments!
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

One piece of bitter-sweet news: the repositioning of your uterus may have relieved your bladder, but unfortunately it’s moved up towards your lungs. It’s likely that you’ll notice a difference in your breathingand won’t be able to inhale as deeply. Be aware of this when exercising – you’re meant to be able to hold a conversation (without being breathless) during increased activity, so this could alter the activities you feel comfortable doing.
Now that you’re not constantly feeling awful, and with the extra blood being pumped towards your genitals, a lot of women will experience their libido flying through the roof. Don’t be worried about indulging in those urges, it’s perfectly safe for you and the baby – he won’t have any idea of what is going on!
Your week 12 pregnancy checklist

· Get a first glimpse of your baby with your own eyes at your 12-week scan! The nuchal fold at the back of your baby’s neck can be measured at this scan for risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome.
· Enjoy your food again!
· Invest in some skincare products now that you have that new-found pregnancy glow.
· Raid your wardrobe (or the shops) for bigger or looser clothes to take the pressure off your bump.
· If you haven’t already, consider sharing your pregnancy news – especially if your bump has popped out!
· Get active – either in the yoga studio or in the bedroom. It’ll help you keep fit and healthy.