Your 15 week pregnancy guide to the changes happening to you and your baby. When you’re 15 weeks pregnant, your growing foetus is about 10cm long. There are loads of exciting developments this week, so read on to find out more.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… large apple.
At 15 weeks pregnant, the inner part of your baby’s ears will be developed enough for him to be able to hear you. So you will also be able to start using baby nicknames and bonding with your bump through sound!
Alongside that, your baby’s bones will be beginning to harden and he will be moving his tiny arms and legs about. As he is still surrounded by amniotic fluid, you probably won’t feel anything. However some women, particularly those who have already had a child, report feeling butterfly-like flutterings, which are most likely to be some form of movement. You’ll probably have to wait a few more weeks just to be sure though.
At this point, your bub’s vocal cords are now formed and he will be practising making some facial expressions.

Your physical pregnancy changes

As your uterus continues to rise up and starts growing outwards, you will notice three main changes to:

· The way you walk
· Your sleeping habits
· Your physical shape
As your baby grows, your centre of gravity changes and you might find that you begin to develop a slight waddle as you walk. At this stage it won’t be too noticeable to anyone other than yourself, but it will become more obvious over the coming weeks.

Your growing bump and breasts will also cause your sleeping habits to change. Sleeping on your tummy will soon become too uncomfortable and you’ll have to work out a position that works for you.
Your favourite clothes will have to be put to the back of your wardrobe until after the birth unless they’re stretchy, baggy or floaty.

Your health and fitness during pregnancy

Pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) and, although they are unlikely to cause any problems to your baby, they’re not much fun. Do your best to avoid contracting any by following these steps:
· Drink plenty of water.
· Drink cranberry juice – it’s good for warding off UTI’s and also full of vitamin C, which is great for your growing baby.
· Wipe front to back after using the bathroom.
· Empty your bladder after having sex.
If you do contract a UTI, see your doctor. Symptoms can include:
· A slight fever.
· A burning sensation when you urinate.
· The constant need to relieve your bladder.
· Strange-smelling urine.
Your week 15 pregnancy checklist

· Put together a playlist of songs to play to your little one now he can hear.
· Sit with your partner and come up with a pre-birth name for your bub.
· Invest in some pillows to help you find a comfy sleeping position
· Buy a maternity wardrobe – eBay and second-hand shops are good options and friends or relatives are often happy to pass on the clothes they no longer need.
· Start drinking the occasional glass of cranberry juice.
· If you find your change in posture is causing back ache, take up a little gentle exercise. This will improve your suppleness and help ease the pain. Consider buying a ‘belly belt’ to support your growing bump.