You’re 17 weeks pregnant and if you haven’t had your latest scan yet, you might be itching to know whether to paint the nursery pink or blue. Here’s what the week has in store for you.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… pomegranate.
Over the past few weeks your baby will have more than doubled in size and will now be the same size as the placenta. This means that if your scan wasn’t clear before, you will definitely be able to see if you’re having a girl or a boy now! If you want to know, that is.

Also, even though your growing baby will be sleeping most of the time, he will have started practising using his muscles and learning about his reflexes. His movements will include:

· Stretching
· Making facial expressions
· Sucking
· Swallowing
Your physical pregnancy changes

Your body temperature will still be noticeably raised and, even if it’s the middle of winter, you may find yourself standing in front of an open freezer to cool down! This is because of the extra blood supply your body is pumping to keep you and your baby healthy.
You may also notice:
· Your once-healthy nails are now brittle and break more easily: this is due to hormonal changes.
· Your hair is becoming thicker and glossier.
· Your legs ache and feet or ankles swell after standing or sitting for long periods of time.
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

With the weight of your baby and gaining weight in general, you may notice your changed posture is causing you back pain. Yoga and water aerobics are good for keeping your spine aligned, and help to ease back and muscle pain.
If your legs, feet and ankles are swelling up then you may start developing varicose veins. The best way to minimise the symptoms are to invest in some support stockings. If you notice a lot of swelling in other parts of your body including your face, it’s important to contact your health care provider to rule out problems with blood pressure.
Your week 17 pregnancy checklist

· Struggling to fit into your favourite clothes? Now is the time to change into some of your new maternity gear and flaunt your bump!
· Get yourself signed up for some antenatal classes. It’ll make you and your partner feel more relaxed about what you’re going through – and going to go through – and you’ll meet new friends with whom you can bond over the shared experience.
· Buy a fan to keep you cool – especially if you’re pregnant during summer.
· Treat yourself to a manicure if your nails are brittle.
· Invest in some support stockings.