Week 18 of your pregnancy is here and while it may feel like you have been pregnant for ages, there are still several weeks to go before you can welcome your baby to the world. Here’s how your baby and body is changing in your 18th week of pregnancy.

Your baby’s development
This week your baby is the size of a… sweet potato.
Your baby is slowly and steadily growing and developing this week. Day by day his bones are getting stronger and he is becoming more like a little person than a foetus, sucking his thumbs and getting bouts of the hiccups.

Other foetal developments include:
· If you’re having a boy, his prostate gland is beginning to develop.
· The first bowel movement, called meconium, is starting to build up.
Your physical pregnancy changes

With all the growing your baby is doing your appetite will be increasing too. Don’t feel guilty about eating more than normal if you’re hungry; you need to listen to your body in order to stay healthy.

You might suffer from sinus congestion due to nasal membranes being swollen from increased blood flow and levels of oestrogen. If snoring becomes a problem, try a nasal spray to help the level of noise, but ask a pharmacist first about suitable brands.
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

Take it easy – your heart is working overtime to pump blood around your body and to your baby. If you take some light exercise, don’t push yourself, and stop if you feel dizzy or breathless.
You may start to suffer indigestion as your baby grows and presses on your digestive system. Try to eat small amounts regularly so you don’t overload your stomach.
Your week 18 pregnancy checklist

· Make sure you’re eating enough calcium-rich food to help your baby’s bones develop.
· If you haven’t already, book in for your next ultrasound scan – and don’t forget to ask for a photo!
· Buy a nasal spray, that’s been recommended by your pharmacist, to use before heading to bed – your partner will thank you for it!