At 24 weeks pregnant your baby is starting to develop his individual features and is growing in weight. There’s still a while to go, so Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club has your basic guide and a checklist of what’s what in your 24th week.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… papaya.
Your baby’s bones are growing in density, fat is being gained and muscles and organs are continuing to develop.

There will be more movement this week as the nervous system ‘closes’. This means that your baby’s brain is starting to control movements, and he will also be able to feel pain and sense warmth.

Your baby’s hair follicles are starting to determine hair colour. You’ll have to wait until your baby is born to find out what shade of hair he has, but it’ll be worth the wait.
And lastly, even though you’re just over halfway through your pregnancy, babies born at this point are often able to survive if they’re given appropriate neonatal care.

Your physical pregnancy changes

You might find you’re suffering from excess saliva, causing you to swallow more – another by-product of pregnancy hormones. If it’s annoying you, try nibbling on snacks or chewing gum to make it more manageable and take your mind off it.

Other pregnancy symptoms this week include:
· Small pimples will start appearing on your areolas, which secrete a liquid that keeps your nipples soft and supple.
· Your breasts will probably have settled in size for now.
· Your belly button will be flattening out as your skin stretches.
· As your baby gains more weight, your appetite will probably increase. There’s no need to calorie count, just eat healthily as and when you need to, and enjoy being able to do so without feeling guilty!
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

Your health carer should send you for a glucose test at around this time to check you don’t havegestational diabetes.
Many women feel elated during their pregnancy, however some are not so joyous. The reality of what’s to come – whether it’s financial worries, a sense of being overwhelmed with responsibility or worrying about introducing another child to the family – can leave you feeling isolated and low. There are a number of options to reassure yourself:

· Talk to a friend, family member or your health care provider – you’ll realise you are not alone.
· Exercise– it releases endorphins and lifts your mood.
· Treat yourself to a relaxing day – go shopping, spend time with a good friend, get a facial, take a walk in beautiful surrounds. Do whatever it takes to cheer you up.
· Visit our forums and share your experiences and tips with other Woolies’ mums.
Your week 24 pregnancy checklist

· Make sure the house is stocked with snacks and healthy food for those moments of craving.
· Check with your doctor if you haven’t been sent for a glucose test.
· Keep up your regular exercise.
· Talk to other mums – pregnant and those who already have children.
· Treat yourself to a few new maternity bras so your breasts feel comfortable and supported.