Get more information on 25 weeks pregnant..You’re six months into your pregnancy – that’s more than two-thirds of your full term – and your baby is developing rapidly as you continue to blossom.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of an… eggplant.
Week 25 of your baby’s development mostly revolves around the spine building itself up – a complex combination of muscles, ligaments and discs are all forming and stacking together like a jigsaw puzzle.

In addition to this, your baby’s nostrils will now be open, he appears to be breathing (even though this is just him practising for life outside your uterus) and his lungs will be continuing to develop in order to breathe oxygen after birth.

The brain and nerve endings are now sensitive enough for him to feel your touch, and if a light is shone on your stomach your baby should turn towards the brightness – believed to be evidence that his optic nerves are now functioning too.
Your physical pregnancy changes

Have you noticed yourself forgetting things over the past couple of weeks? Made appointments with friends and completely forgotten? You’re not a bad friend, this foggy head/baby brain/pregnancy amnesia is a common side effect of being pregnant – your family and friends will understand.
Incredibly, your brain-cell volume decreases in the third trimester and this fogginess won’t be helped by a lack of sleep. Start getting used to sleeping on your side, with pillows for support; sleeping on your back is not advised during the later stages of pregnancy as your extra weight can prevent blood-flow to the placenta, which stops the right amount of oxygen reaching your baby.

Some women may experience the shooting pains or burning sensations of carpal tunnel syndrome in their arms and hands during pregnancy. This is due to the carpal nerves in your arms becoming pinched as your tissues expand and swell. Some women find that the problem can be alleviated by:
· Wearing a brace to keep the wrist straight and relieve pressure.
· Taking Vitamin B6, which has been found to be lacking in many individuals who suffer from carpal tunnel.
· Acupuncture, as it boosts your body’s natural pain-relief system.
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy, many women find themselves trying to satisfy a hunger they cannot conquer. Eating regularly is fine, just make sure you’re eating the right things:
· Avoid sugary and fatty treats for the most part and opt for cereal and fruit. It’s better for your baby, better for you, and will fill you up for longer.
· You should still be avoiding raw foods, pates and deli food, as you remain prone to food poisoning throughout your pregnancy.
Stay away from anyone smoking and, if you have a cat, make sure your partner cleans out the litter tray as cat faeces can contain a parasite that is harmful to you and your baby. That’s one household chore you won’t miss!

Your week 25 pregnancy checklist

· Get a handbag-sized notepad or use your iPad2 to help you keep track of your to-do list.
· Put reminders in your phone so a fuzzy head doesn’t cause you to miss important appointments.
· Plan your meals and take a shopping list with you to Woolworths a few treats are fine, but fresh produce should outweigh processed foods in your basket.
· Get your partner to clean up after the cat!