In your 26th week of pregnancy you’re likely to be feel happy and bubbly one minute and crying the next. Don’t worry, it’s all a normal part of the pregnancy rollercoaster. The Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club is here to guide you through week 26 of your pregnancy.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of an… iceberg lettuce.
For the first time ever, your baby’s eyelids are no longer fused together. Over the next few weeks, as his retinas develop, he’ll start practising blinking and opening and closing his eyes in reaction to light.

Other foetal changes in week 26 of pregnancy include:
· Less amniotic fluid will be produced as your baby continues to grow.
· Movements will become more noticeable.
· Baby will establish a routine of movement and sleep.
· He will also noticeably react to loud noises and prodding of your bump.
Your physical pregnancy changes

Wholegrain foods, fibre and water are your best friends this week, with hormones and your growing baby causing you to suffer from constipation. On the other side though, you may be experiencing incontinencewhen you cough, sneeze or laugh. There are a few tips for dealing with incontinence:
· Do pelvic floor exercises daily.
· Eat a balanced diet.
· Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
· Don’t delay visiting the bathroom.
You may have already experienced a few, but Braxton Hicks are likely to occur every so often. These are completely normal and are identifiable as ‘tightening’ or irregular menstrual cramp-like pains. There’s no need to consult a doctor unless they become painful and occur at regular intervals.
You are also likely to be experiencing any of the following pregnancy symptoms:
· Swelling – fingers, hands, feet and ankles are likely to swell up, more so towards the end of the day. Sitting or lying down can help if you’ve been standing for too long, and vice versa if you’ve been sitting all day.
· Urinary Tract Infections – if you think you’ve contracted a UTI then consult your doctor.
· Yeast infections – if your discharge is thick or smells unpleasant then consult your doctor before buying any over-the-counter remedies.
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

Many women suffer a drop in blood pressure (postural hypotension) when pregnant, so don’t stand up too quickly. There’s a lot of extra blood pumping around your body at the moment and movement can cause your blood pressure to change rapidly. Take it easy, and if you’re going from lying down or sitting to standing, do so slowly.
Other than that, you just need to keep up the healthy eating and regular gentle exercise.
Your week 26 pregnancy checklist

· Give any children you already have some extra TLC – it won’t be long before your attention will be split in half.
· If this is your first child, why not book a last-minute break for you and your partner? It won’t be long before your time as a couple changes forever.
· Shopping for baby – if you haven’t started baby shopping or sorted out the nursery, now is the time. If you don’t feel up to traipsing around the shops then order online – it’ll be much easier on your back and swollen ankles!