At 32 weeks pregnant you have an almost fully formed baby in your uterus. All that’s left to do over the next few weeks before birth is some fine-tuning.

Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… corncob.
Your baby’s bones are getting stronger by the day, hair is still growing and fat continues to be laid down. All five senses are fully functioning and there’s plenty of brain activity, which means your little one is now:

· Turning her head
· Moving her limbs
· Swallowing and sucking
· Pulling expressions
· Opening and closing her eyes
Your physical pregnancy changes

Aside from any other pregnancy complaints, you’re generally getting bigger and it’s quite likely that all the extra weight is making you feel uncomfortable. Taking a refreshing shower and then using talcum powder in the affected areas can help soothe a heat rash.
Your health and fitness during pregnancy

You should be going for antenatal check-ups every two weeks now – get used to doctors poking, prodding and testing you for various things. It might all feel a bit wearing but it’s important to keep a close eye on your baby in case any problems arise.
You may have also developed ‘pregnancy brain’ – don’t feel bad about it. The majority of your time is spent concentrating on baby-related things and that’s perfectly natural. However, remember your friends, partner and family are still there and want your attention too – spend time with them now before the baby’s arrival.

Your week 32 pregnancy checklist

· Keep an eye out for strong and steady pains, bad headaches and significant weight drops/gains as these can all be signs of problems developing. Don’t worry too much if they do though; as long as you notice something’s up and tell those who are monitoring you, you should be able to carry your baby to full term.
· Spend some time with your partner playing with your bump – sing songs, talk, play music and massage when he’s obviously awake.
· Watch out for tiny hands, feet and elbows sticking out of your bump when your baby wriggles around and try filming it to show your children in the future.
· Does the nursery still need some work? Use this time before you get too tired to buy baby clothesand finish those last preparation tasks.