By the time you are five weeks pregnant, your little one will only be tiny and may look more like a tadpole than a baby right now – but he’s definitely there and he’s definitely growing!
Your baby’s development

This week your baby is the size of a… lentil
Your baby is now about 5mm long and looks a lot like a tadpole. The very beginnings of a heart are starting to beat and pump blood, major organs are starting to develop, and the brain and spinal cord are also beginning to grow.

Your physical pregnancy changes

If you’re still not sure you’re pregnant, this is the point where you will notice if your period is late and you should start experiencing the first signs of pregnancy.

Common symptoms to look out for include:

· Nausea and vomiting
· Dizziness
· Heightened sense of smell
· A heavy feeling in your uterus, similar to the feeling you experience the week before your period is due
· Sore breasts
No need to worry if you don’t experience all (or indeed any) of these symptoms – everyone is different and some women simply don’t feel the effects as much as others.

Your health and fitness during pregnancy

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, try eating small amounts regularly, even if this means just nibbling on a cracker. Ginger can help with nausea so try it in tea, biscuits or jam.
Listen to your body and take it easy. You may not look physically pregnant but you’re going through a lot of changes. Don’t fight them, adapt – even if it does mean power napping or skipping your usual Friday night drinks.

Your week 5 pregnancy checklist

· Watch out for common pregnancy symptoms
· If you haven’t already taken a pregnancy test, now would be the time to do it.
· Keep some dry crackers and ginger-based foods in your bag (in case morning sickness sets in)